Hello, I'm a FINE ART Undergraduate student at the University of Aberystwyth in Wales. This Blog is mostly about Illustration, Animation and my own Art, but also about other artists which inspired me day by day. Feel free to explore, reblog or follow me! :)


Sneak peek for the Alexandrine Parakeets piece! So far so good, now do not mess it up Katie!

Sneak peek for the Alexandrine Parakeets piece! So far so good, now do not mess it up Katie!

Cheeky Birds! Initially I wanted to draw 10 birds, now the colony has increased by its double!!


So I decided to give twitter another chance, I remember not liking it at all because I had to choose a different username a while ago because someone else was using “katiediazz” on twitter.
But luckily, that person removed her twitter account, and now I finally can use my name on there too!

My name on Twitter was kathyydiaz,
Now you can find me there under the same name as in tumblr or deviantart : katiediazz

New arising project for an exhibition in April 2015!

Theme of this project is: BIRDS
Here are a few preparation sketches from piece Nr. 2, more progress photos will follow soon!

Still Life Practice

this is a study of life drawing I did back in December 2013 during the winter break back home. Originally I wanted to do 3 quick acrylic individual studies of the objects I set in front of me. Later when I was finished I noticed that if I overlap the individual paintings, they become a bigger painting. That makes me very happy, because this means that my eye has started to measure things right after 1 year of hard practice :)

Contrasts - Creativity exercise

I decided to do a quick studies of the first things that come into my mind when I hear the word “Contrast”. I thought Water and Fire is one of the best ways of describng it, but I kind of pushed it more into the contrast we feel, cold and hot. 

I ended up drawing a mountain covered in Ice which reminds me much of Disney’s Frozen :P and Lava :) I used small canvas boards, a palette knife and acrylic. Loads of patience as well. 

Tangerines, Still Life, Apples, Oranges and Lemons

this post is more like a collection of some of my Organic Still Life’s from my first Semester in my Second Year of my Fine Art Degree. 

I really like the way of how my drawing has improved over the last 6 months, using different media like palette knifes or a limited range of colours. 


Back to the studio for the start of semester 2, year 2

After setting up my new oil paints and Zest-it, I wondered what to paint, so I started doodling in my sketchbook and was intrigued by a design of shapes I’d stacked on top of each other. I redrew the design onto a painting pad and have started blocking in the shapes.

Later, my friend generously posed for me and I hurried to capture her likeness on a canvas. She had a lot of warm earthy tones in her skin and hair, so I thought it would be a good idea to do an underpainting in a complimentary colour. Half an hour in, it was time to be kicked out of the studios for closing time. Hopefully she will sit for me again ASAP so I can continue! :-D :-D 

I’m only just getting to grips with oils and I think I need to be more liberal in my application. Another friend has suggested I try adding linseed oil into the mix for greater viscosity. I’m very eager to carry on as I’m learning so much every time I pick up the brush - working in oils is so different to the acrylic process that I’m used to! 

My friend and coursemate has started a new blog here in tumblr. She is an exellent second year painter and very talented. Currently she is also  working on a portrait of me :D I consider myself lucky :) In return she is going to pose for me so I can do a portrait of her as well!